Design April/May 2015 July/Aug 2013 - Page 49

| interior| Bridging the gap WORDS RONELLE VAN NIEKERK overload the workers’ capacity or expect orders to be met to satisfaction without hands-on input. Rather manage the project in stages that systematically follow each other so that everyone on site can be clear on where they are heading and why their current task is important. Don’t let your standards slip. Building standards are there for a very good reason and have taken years of trial and testing to establish. Consider the principle that the building deserves respect and avoid mistakes that do not consider the future inhabitants. While designing, think about how you yourself would live in the space, and follow it up by upgrading points like gender and gender preferences, people’s likes, habits, etc. See to the implementation thereof in both the design process and on site. Think about the surroundings in the design process as well as during construction. Respect for the surroundings, be it the neighbours, adjacent structures or the environment, will earn your firm a lot of respect in return. Finally, take breaks while designing as well as while managing the site, during which you leave your comfort zone for a while. This often gives you a fresh view on thi w2B7&FV6VVFVBW'6B&fW76WfVFrFW6R'&V2v6vfRWrW'7V7FfW2FFVFgW'&'2&Vf&RFWFWfVF&V'7F6W2B&R&WGFW"F7VBW"VW&w&WfVFFFV6&&V6frbFW6RF72&V6VfRFRVFfFVBGFVFFWFW6W'fRFRv&WGvVVFRFW6v7FvRBfƗ6rFR&6VVFw26FR6VB&R'&FvVBVffV7FfVǒW&2B2FRvRG&FRW"&BG2f"F涖r62BF&WBFRW76vRvR6fWFF6Rv6R"B2FRW"FW6v26RgV6&6R&RvR6VBvVvWFR6ƖrfW'7W2FR"BFV6FRf"W'6VfW2vWFW"vR&R7FBf"FR&vB&V62BvWFW"vR&R7Fw&vrFv&B&VrFRFW6v&fW762vRfRv2vVBW'6VfW2F&RF6FVB2WfF&SF66W&vVVBFR6G&'266RF( B֗72WBrFR&vBFV66FW4v֖&VRVwW7B#0C