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no dirt can penetrate and the result is an anti-dirt, polished floor. • Auto-clean and anti-bacterial. With all the air holes filled there is no place for bacteria to spread and, depending on the type of dirt, just sweeping the surface with a broom will suffice for a fairly long period of time. • Slip resistant and durable. The protective material is hydrophilic, safe to walk on and suitable for all domestic and commercial applications. The granular material of the protective layer enhances the density and durability of the tiles, and even after the floor has been used for a long time it can look as good as new. • Superb hardness: The product is fired at 1 250˚C, which makes it equivalent to granite, ensuring that it is an exceptionally hard product, excellent for floors. • Green and environmentally friendly. There are far too many cleaning solvents that are harmful to us. These include products that contain benzene and trioxide methylbenzene, which have a negative effect on our bodies and on the environment. The auto-clean hydrophilic properties of NANO mean that at times just warm water (and a few drops of lemon juice) might be needed to maintain the crystal-clear effect of the floor. In addition to this our suppliers have assured us that the NANO Technology used on polished, imported tiles is made of green, organic, raw materials which are transparent, colourless and non-toxic, and by avoiding harmful chemicals to clean tiles, just aids in greening our wonderful world. A word of caution: NANO Technology can also be used to hide poorly manufactured tiles which could be substandard relating to water absorption, bending strength, linear expansion, lustre and fired temperature. Do not just accept any tile that states NANO without getting the necessary technical specifications of the factory, and thus feel secure that the product is backed by a reputable supplier. desIgn Namibia June - August 2013 47