Design April/May 2015 July/Aug 2013 - Page 44

is modest yet forceful and encompasses a character which is preserved in the Marset line. This “String Light” designed by Michael Anastassiades is to be interpreted as a black electric wire that sets up a relationship with the architecture of a space by becoming part of the lines formed by the walls of a room. Stretched out along these lines are two different light sources: one in the shape of an isosceles triangle, the other in the form of a sphere. A system of tensors gives volume and three-dimensional properties to the form outlined by this lightweight cord that plays with space, while the two LED lamps emit a warm light. The fundamental novelty of Daniel Rybakken’s “Acsent” light lies in the unusual gesture made to turn on the lamp, adjust its intensity and turn it off via a vertical movement rather than the usual dimmer. The small shade slides along the slender stem with an effortless, continuous movement, from top to bottom and vice versa while dimming the light output. Seemingly simple, this design actually masks a multifaceted process of design and engineering. ELDC is pleased to be able to introduce you to the remarkable designer potential in the field of lighting with which we were entertained while visiting this event. We hope to receive you at our new showroom at the corner of Luther and Schiller Street, soon. “String Light” By Micheal Anastassiades “My New Flame” By Moritz Waldemeyer @ Ingo Maurer “Flying Flame