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he fair enjoyed exposure to over 2 500 Italian and foreign exhibitors at the SaloneInternazionale del Mobile, the International Furnishings Accessories Exhibition, SaloneSatellite, the biennial Euroluce or International Lighting Exhibition and the SaloneUfficio. This exceedingly efficacious event took place from 9 to 14 April 2013 and ELDC was on board to appreciate the inventiveness of all the latest European panaches in order to bring more quality designer products into Namibian abodes. The Fair appreciated a 20% increase in visitors, investments and positivism from manufacturers. About 324 093 visitors attended, 285 698 of whom were from within the sector with a variety of 160 countries accounting for 68% of total attendances. This means that the Salone is not just international any longer, but is, in fact, global. For those who are interested in going next, the Fair takes place biennially, thus the next opportunity will be in 2015. Euroluce is the only occasion of its kind in Italy and is proud to be regarded as the world’s most comprehensive exhibition of lighting systems relating to outdoor, indoor, system, public and entertainment lighting. Light source technology is also continuously developed and then showcased at this event. After this year’s fair it was clear that lighting is in no way purely functional any longer. Design potential is vast, both aesthetically and functionally, and it is pure joy to witness the leaps that are made in the industry each odd year. Designer Ingo Maurer and his team showcased “The Knot” this year. This sculptural LED table and floor lamp, made in threedimensional printing technology, stands boldly, constructed of polyamide steel and aluminium. Its design communicates effortless coherence while being admired distinctively. Fabien Dumas designed the “La Discréte” with a clear desire for it to be decidedly useful while retaining the ornamental splendour of a well-made entity. This lamp is perfect to use as a desk lamp or simply to highlight cherished items such as keys or jewellery. Its configuration T 1 2 “Nothing” By Francisco Gomez Paz. 43 3 4 desIgn Namibia June - August 2013 5