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The current trend in contemporary design embraces a light, clean, cool, clinical, no-clutter format. This is a wonderful design style, as it prevents us from spending money on things we do not need, it supports a sense of peace and serenity, and it can even be beneficial to our health. It is, however, important to remember that we are not all created the same, and what the trend dictates might not be what our personal taste reflects. oday we will be concentrating on people who love the benefits of contemporary design, but need a bit more on the side of a warm, cosy, rustic country feeling. This is not about combining the two design styles to a point of balance, but to enhance the contemporary design with the rustic design. T plush white linen. It looks exciting, almost mystical, and unbelievably inviting. What are the principles for incorporating rustic design into my contemporary home? What is rustic design? A rustic interior is all about weight and warmth. It is evident in materials (dark wood, leather, unpolished stone, dull metals, hardly any reflective surfaces), in colours (deep reds, browns, warm yellow tones), in lighting (warm white bulbs, textured shades to refract light, no fluorescent or cool white bulbs) and in physical warmth (great emphasis on fireplaces, oversized candles and very little display of water). Now that we know what effect we can create with successfully bringing rustic into a contemporary home, the next step is to determine how to accomplish it successfully. 39 Let’s look at a few general pointers: Quantity Again using the analogy of the bed in the woods, imagine experiencing the same thing, but with a similar bed behind every second tree. After the 50th bed you pass, it will greatly lose its impact, becoming just another bed in the bush ... The same applies here. If you enhance your dominant design (contemporary) with an accent design (rustic), the rustic elements should not overpower the contemporary design to a point of your not being able to distinguish the accents. Why bring rustic design into my contemporary home? The heavy, warm atmosphere created by a rustic design, starkly contrasts with the light, cool serenity embraced by contemporary design. When blended successfully, the contrast you can create can be compared to struggling tiredly through a densely planted bush, and suddenly stumbling on an oversized canopy bed, covered in soft Quality If, instead of a bed, you found a serving spoon in the bush, it would just be an item out of place. In fact, if you are a good citizen, desIgn Namibia June - August 2013