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Q Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche und Pfarrhaus 30 Amtsgericht (Swakopmund Municipality) uintessentially Swakopmund, and displayed on almost every postcard of town, is the lighthouse. Because the original one was so small, it was almost immediately destroyed by high seas. In 1903 the existing lighthouse followed, although the first version stood at only 11 m. In 1910 an additional 10 m was added so now the light can be seen more than 30 km out at sea. Next to the lighthouse is the Kaiserliches Bezirksgericht, which is used as the presidential holiday home these days. Built in 1901, it was intended to serve as a magistrate’s court and jail. It was extended in 1905 and again in 1945, when a tower and clock were added, although the clock never worked! The Old Prison – which looks more like a mansion and is often mistaken for a hotel – has been operational since 1908. It was designed by Heinrich Bause. The main building was used for staff housing while the prisoners were kept in less opulent quarters. Back then it was located outside the town. It was declared a national monument in 1973 and still serves as a prison. The gabled Altes Amtsgericht was built in 1907/8 to serve as a school but was later used as the magistrate’s office after the state had to complete the building when private funds ran out. In the 1960s it functioned as a school dormitory, and after falling into disrepair, the building was restored in 1976. Today it houses municipal offices. The old train station – today desIgn Namibia June - Gefängnis August 2013