Design April/May 2015 July/Aug 2013 - Page 25

As Regenstein is known for always having a slight breeze, we planned our living area to cater for any direction that the wind might be blowing. This was done through a series of sliding doors that can be closed on the windward side, leaving protected areas open to the downward side. Our two favourite places are the boma and our outside shower. The boma is a semi- circular wood palisade with a few trees and Japanese reeds, around a centre fire kettle, against the mountain as backdrop. Here many evenings are spent around a blazing fire with the kudu coming to drink from a little dam on the mountainside, just ten metres away. Our outside shower has the same design on the mountainside of our bathroom. It is filled with plants and shrubs, making each shower a moment to treasure. Heidrun Diekman, our interior designer, did a wonderful job in searching for furniture to finish it off. All of these are special items from all over, and not only beautiful but also functional. If ever the saying “living a dream” were applicable, this is it! desIgn Namibia June - August 2013 25