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Dreamdecking controlled quality Dreamdecking Friendly to your feet and durable • Friendly to your feet as there are no cracks or splinters • No pre-treatment necessary, no additional painting • Long-lasting • Easily cleaned with water or pressure washers • Timesaving, easy assembly • Can be assembled with conventional joinery tools • Holds its shape when changes in humidity occur The Kosche group is by now one of the largest WPC manufacturers in Europe. What is Kovalex® exactly? Kovalex looks like wood but is in fact more resistant to weather and far easier to clean. As this innovative material is still relatively young, many people are wondering: “what is WPC exactly?” The abbreviation stands for Wood Polymer Composite. with an environmentally-friendly thermoplastic binding agent. Both these components are melted together in a special procedure, the so-called extrusion, which puts them under the pressure and temperature required to produce the innovative wooden material Kovalex®. Ecologic advantages • No tropical wood - consists of renewable, cultivated resources • 100% recyclable • PVC free Kovalex ® The 7B'FBGfFvW2Bv6Pf&R@FVâc3ssc