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NB Namibia proudly announces that construction of its new, consolidated administrative headquarters has commenced. Ian Leyenaar, CEO of FNB Namibia, explained that it has always been a vision of FNB Namibia to consolidate their four buildings into one, and this vision is now closer to reality. “We believe that we have at last found a location that suits our needs of providing sufficient space for current needs and anticipated future growth, improved public access and parking, prominent market presence, increased exposure and branding opportunities along with a strong signal about the Namibianess of our business, excellent visibility and location and an opportunity to use state-of-the-art functionality. At the same time the new building will offer the opportunity to improve inefficiencies and staff morale.” The move to a new building has been necessitated by the fact that FNB Namibia is the largest locally listed company on the Namibian Stock Exchange and is 41% locally owned with a workforce of more than 1 800, one of the largest in Namibia. Investing in the Namibian local market is the key and hence FNB is investing back locally by putting up a building worth N$434 million. “Currently our Divisions and Business Units are scattered across Windhoek in four different property locations. This means that efficiencies and advantage of economies of scale are not achievable, resulting in a duplicating of cost structures to manage the greater business. We have also outgrown the current buildings from a future growth perspective,” said Leyenaar. He added that FNB Namibia was particularly excited about the fact that the building will be a “green” one. He said: “First National Bank has a history of pioneering sustainability within the built environment, adopting best practice design for our iconic building in Fairlands South Africa even before the Green Star system had been established. The bank recognises the immediate and potential threats posed by global climate change and other environmental issues, and is incorporating best practice in all new buildings that are being developed. For this reason we plan to have the first independently certified green building in Namibia, which provides a meaningful metric to measure the company’s commitment to the environment. The common objective is that green buildings are designed to re