Department of Mathematics and Statistics Newsletter 2015 Newsletter - Page 8

Faculty highlights continued algebraic geometry, computational algebra, optimization, and representation theory. He also gave a 45-minute talk on “Tensors in Multiview Geometry,” in particular presenting his research on “The Trifocal Ideal,” which will appear soon in Mathematics of Computation. The synergy between computer vision and algebraic geometry (named “algebraic vision” by Sameer Agarwal) presents a new and exciting area within applied algebraic geometry. Lastly, he gave talks on algebraic geometry and computer vision in mathematics departments at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, in February 2014, and at Georgia Tech in February 2014. Chris Rodger delivered an invited talk at the 9th Troy University Mathfest in April 2015, and he gave the Christie Lecture titled, “Amalgamations and Hamilton Decompositions” to the 2014 Fall Northeastern Section of the Mathematical Association of America at Southern Connecticut State University. He also received National Science Foundation funding in the amount of $14,740 for the Graduate Student Combinatorics Conference held at Auburn University in April 2014. Wenxian Shen received the 2013 Outstanding Teacher of Graduate Students Award given by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. 8 Michel Smith received a math education grant in the amount of $80,000 with Common Core, Inc. Common Core, Inc. leads a high-profile mathematics curriculum project to develop comprehensive PK12 mathematics curriculum for the New York State Education Department. The goal is to bring substantial improvement to mathematics education through increased rigor, meaningful context, and increased student engagement. Smith was also the Lewis-Parker lecturer for the 64th annual meeting of AACTM in February 2014. To help promote the mathematical research environment in Alabama, ]