Department of Mathematics and Statistics Newsletter 2015 Newsletter - Page 6

Faculty highlights continued Xiaoying (Maggie) Han received the 2015-2017 Jack B. Brown Endowed Faculty Award. She also gave a plenary talk at the International Workshop on Infinite Dimensional Stochastic Systems in Wittenberg, Germany, in January 2014. Yongsheng Han gave an invited talk at the international conference, Harmonic Analysis and Applications, held at the Chern Institute of Mathematics at Nankai University in China in June 2014. The conference was co-organized by Beijing Normal University, Peking University, Sun Yat-Sen University, the University of Science and Technology of China, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Normal University, and Nankai University, top universities in China. Dean Hoffman was a keynote speaker at the Graduate Student Combinatorics Conference at Auburn in April