Department of Mathematics and Statistics Newsletter 2015 Newsletter - Page 12

Team Alpha creates app for monitoring Auburn oaks at Toomer’s Corner A group of students in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics competed as “Team Alpha” (pictured) in the Smart Cities Hackathon competition in Auburn in February 2015 and took home first place. The contest challenged teams of students, researchers, data analysts, social scientists, engineers, mathematicians, or anyone who wanted to participate, to spend 48 hours “hacking” on software and/or hardware to build a smart tool for improving life in cities. During the competition, eight teams of programmers faced off, and Team Alpha created a tool that uses linear algebra to analyze edge-detected screenshots of the City of Auburn’s live feed of Toomer’s Corner in order to determine if it is being rolled. If the Auburn oak trees at Toomer’s corner are being 12 rolled, their program posts to a Twitter account, @IsToomersRolled, and updates the website at this link: http://istoomerscornerbeingrolledrightnow. Team Alpha members were Daniel Brice (’14), Alex Byaly, Steven Clontz, and Zachary Sarver, and they were one of two winners of the local competition. The team received a $750 prize as well as the right to move on to a global competition for larger prizes. Their project was cited by the judges as a clever use of mathematics that showcases a unique Auburn tradition. For more information on the Smart Cities Hackathon in Auburn, visit this website: