Department of Building Inspection Annual Report - Page 51

II. Records Management Division QUICK FACTS • Produced a total of over 7,000 3R Reports with 96% 3R Reports issued within seven business days. • Processed a total of 14,000 Record Requests with 86% processed over-the-counter. Records Management Division (RMD) is responsible for storage and reproduction of plans, permit applications, job cards, and miscellaneous documents; producing the Report of Residential Building Records (3R) and maintaining historical records. • Received, reviewed, and processed over 1,300 requests for duplication of official building plans. IN REVIEW Indexing Historical Building Records In 2015, RMD staff quality controlled and approved multiple scanning and indexing permits, plans, job cards, and certificate of final completion projects. Also, RMD is working to convert approximately 5,000 rolls of film containing old records such as building plans, building permit applications, job cards, and certificates of final completion to digital images and index with property information. This effort is an on-going project and will help to provide electronic access to building records currently only accessible through microfilm. DBI FY 2014 – 2015 Annual Report 51