Department of Building Inspection Annual Report - Page 32

II. Plumbing Inspection Division QUICK FACTS • Over 36,000 inspections conducted with over 3,000 inspections conducted monthly and over 140 inspections conducted daily. • The months of March and April had the most inspections conducted. • Over 400 complaints received with close to 80% of the complaints processed within three business days. 32 DBI FY 2014 – 2015 Annual Report Plumbing/Mechanical Inspection Division (PID) is responsible for assuring, through inspections, the proper functioning for installations of drainage, water, gas, and other mechanical systems covered in the Plumbing and Mechanical Codes. These inspections are carried out in buildings which are newly constructed, remodeled, or repaired. PID additionally inspects fire sprinkler installations to assure compliance with the plans approved by the Fire Department and conducts inspections as required by various ordinances. Such ordinances include: the Night Club and Massage Parlor Ordinances (which require code compliance prior to business license issuance); and the Boiler Ordinance which requires that PID maintain records, send renewal notices, and prepare Notices of Violations against non-complying property owners.