Department of Building Inspection Annual Report - Page 20

Permit Services Edward Sweeney Deputy Director QUICK FACTS • Over 68,000 permits issued: 27,285 Building Permits 16,403 Electrical Permits 18,967 Plumbing Permits 6,014 Miscellaneous Permits • Over 5,700 permits issued monthly with close to 275 permits issued daily. • Over 90% of permits issued daily processed same day through Over-The-Counter. Permit Services is responsible for all permit processes from the time a permit application is submitted until a building permit is issued. The functions include screening, routing permits and plans for review, and coordination of building permit review. It also manages approval and issuance of construction permits, including electrical, plumbing and street space permits for public and private buildings within the City and County of San Francisco. Permit Services also assesses and collects fees for all structures, building enlargements and changes of use. Additionally, it provides technical support for the Department in the areas of code development and information, provides coordination for the Building Occupancy Resumption Program (BORP), and serves as DBI liaison to other City departments. Plan Review Services (PRS) is responsible for the review and approval of all permit applications to assure that proposed construction work meets life safety, accessibility, and structural safety requirements of the code. 20 DBI FY 2014 – 2015 Annual Report