Department of Building Inspection Annual Report Fiscal Year 2016-2017 - Page 22

Code Enforcement Outreach Program For more than 20 years, DBI has offered a unique program designed to improve living conditions for all tenants and improve communication between tenants and landlords. The Code Enforcement Outreach Program (CEOP) provides support to tenants, owners, and DBI so that the City and the community may work together to bring rental housing into code compliance. To help ensure the success of the program, DBI is working in cooperation with six non-profit organizations which represent rental property owners and tenants throughout San Francisco. The purpose of this program is to expedite the code enforcement process by setting out tenants’ and property owners’ respective rights and responsibilities, provide mediation, and improve communication between the parties. DBI aims to particularly seek out individuals of limited or non-English speaking skills who may have trouble accessing housing assistance. The goal of CEOP is to achieve the abatement of violations prior to a Directors’ Hearing and referral to the City Attorney’s Office. CEOP QUICK FACTS • Over 6,000 households assisted in 18,000 apartment buildings citywide, with most residents living in the Mission, Tenderloin, and Chinatown neighborhoods. Type of issues addressed in residential rental housing: • • • • Lack of heat and hot water Adequate toilet and shower facilities Water damage and sewage leaks Adequate egress and smoke alarms Program Participants: • The Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco • Causa Justa • Dolores Street Community Services • The San Francisco Apartment Association • Chinatown Community Development Center • Tenderloin Housing Clinic 22 Department of Building Inspection, Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Annual Report