Department of Building Inspection Annual Report Fiscal Year 2016-2017 - Page 19

Improving Fire Safety In the aftermath of the deadly Oakland warehouse fire in December 2016, DBI began working closely with the Fire Department and other public safety agencies to increase proactive outreach and reduce at-risk situations. Part of DBI’s educational efforts included engaging warehouse owners and tenants through the Code Enforcement Outreach Program (CEOP) to address life-safety issues prior to inspection by the Fire Department. Housing Conversion Ordinance Updates Originally adopted by the City in 1981, the Residential Hotel Unit Conversion and Demolition Ordinance (HCO) preserves the existing stock of residential guest rooms as housing for low-income, elderly, and disabled persons. It required all hotel and apartment house owners with guest rooms to report how many guest rooms were being used on September 23, 1979. Rooms occupied by a tenant for 32 consecutive days or more were designated residential. Guest rooms occupied for less than 32 days were designated as tourist. This year, the HCO was updated, with changes effective as of March 20, 2017, and passed unanimously by the Board of Supervisors in February. Revisions to the ordinance include: • New or refi VBFVfF2bFW&7BBG&6BW6R6&&RVB6fW'6Br֖6RֆW6VC( &Wf6VB&6VGW&W2f"W&֗G2F6fW'B&W6FVFVG3( G&GV7Fb&旦rfVW2BVG&f62vFFR'VFr6FS( VƖ֖Fb6V66'BFW&&VF2f"&W6FVFFV2FBfRfFVB4&f62FP&WfW2V#@( WF&FbD$F77VRF֖7G&FfR7V'V2FRW'6RbF2&F6R2F&W6W'fRff&F&RW6rB&WfVBFR72b&W6FVFFVVG2F&Vv6fW'6"FVƗFBF&WfVBFRF76VVBbr6RVFW&ǒBF6&VBW'62FW'FVBb'VFr7V7Ff66V"#b#rV&W'@