Department of Building Inspection Annual Report Fiscal Year 2016-2017 - Page 13

Goal 1 Review Plans and Issue Permits Safeguarding Life and Property in Compliance with City and State Regulations. Goal 2 Perform Inspections to Enforce Codes and Standards to Protect Tenants’ Rights and Ensuring Safety and Quality of Life. Goal 3 Deliver the Highest Level of Customer Service. Goal 4 Utilize Efficient and Effective Administrative Practices. Goal 5 Proactively Engage and Educate Customers, Contractors, Stakeholders on DBI’s Services, Functions and Programs. • Objective 1A: Review Plans using a Transparent Process and with Standards Applied Uniformly. • Objective 1B: Issue Permits. • Objective 1C: Update and Interpret Codes and Standards. • Objective 1D: Ensure Convenient, Efficient, and Timely Permit Processing Coordinated with other City agencies. • Objective 2A: Ensure Quality and Timely Inspections. • Objective 2B: Electrical Inspection Division Conducts Electrical Inspections to Ensure Code Compliance. • Objective 2C: Plumbing Inspection Division Conducts Plumbing Inspections to Ensure Code Compliance. • Objective 2D: Building Inspection Division Conducts Inspections of Buildings and Properties/Structures to Ensure Code Compliance. • Objective 2E: Inspect Housing to Enforce Codes and Standards to Protect Tenants’ Rights and Ensuring Quality of Life. • Objective 2F: Manage Notices of Violations and Complaints. • Objective 3A: Implement Technology Improvements. • Objective 3B: Maintain Adequate Staffing to Meet Customer Demands. • Objective 3C: Manage Department Facility. • Objective 4A: Ensure Timely Response to Records Requests. • Objective 4B: Manage Department Funds. • Objective 4C: Manage Department Fleet to Ensure Maximum Use of Vehicles. • Objective 4D: Review and Update Department’s Disaster Response Plan. • Objective 5A: Review and Update Legislative and Public Affairs Plan. • Objective 5B: Continuously Update and Implement a Multi-Prong Strategic Communications Plan. Department of Building Inspection, Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Annual Report 13