Department of Building Inspection Annual Report Fiscal Year 2016-2017 - Page 10

Department of Building Inspection Organization Inspection Services Director’s Office The Director’s Office provides department leadership, sets policies, and supports all programs within the Department in order to implement established goals, objectives and mandates, and takes actions that ensure the safeguarding of life and property. It includes: • Communications • Disaster Coordination Unit • Legislative & Public Affairs Tom C. Hui S.E., C.B.O, Director Ron Tom Assistant Director Edward Sweeney Deputy Director of Inspection Services Taras Madison Deputy Director of Administrative Services 10 Inspection Services (IS) inspects buildings for compliance with code requirements, scope of work in accordance with approved plans and permits, and responds to complaints on residential and commercial buildings. IS protects public safety by enforcing municipal and state regulations and codes relative to construction, alteration, and installation of electrical and plumbing equipment and systems. IS inspects buildings for code compliance in residential housing under building permits, or as a result of complaints, and also inspects apartments and hotels. IS addresses complaints and conducts inspections associated with interior/exterior lead-based paint disturbance/removal. IS is also responsible for abatement of code violation cases referred from the building, electrical, and plumbing inspection divisions. It consists of the following: • • • • • Daniel Lowrey Deputy Director of Permit Services Department of Building Inspection, Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Annual Report Building Inspection Division Electrical Inspection Division Plumbing Inspection Division Housing Inspection Services Code Enforcement