Department of Building Inspection Annual Report Fiscal Year 2015-2016 - Page 18

Housing Conversion Ordinance Report Legislative History: Reports and Records Required: The Residential Hotel Unit Conversion and Demolition Ordinance (HCO) was originally adopted by the Board of Supervisors as Ordinance No. 330-81 on June 26, 1981. The Board found that the Ordinance was necessary to preserve the existing stock of residential guest rooms as housing for low-income, elderly, and disabled persons. The Board noted in 1981 that the residential guest room housing stock had been decreasing at an alarming rate due to vacation, conversion and demolition of these units to tourist and other uses. The Board found that this reduction created a housing emergency, and adopted Chapter 41 of the S.F. Administrative Code to minimize the conversion and demolition of residential guest rooms. All residential hotels which do not have documentation on file with the Department of Building Inspection indicating that the hotel is operated by a nonprofit (recognized by the IRS) must file an Annual Unit Usage Report on November 1st every calendar year. These residential hotels must also maintain daily logs, weekly reports and corresponding receipts for up to two years. The Certificate of Use indicating the number of residential and tourist guest rooms assigned to the hotel must be posted at the hotel lobby along with the weekly report. Residential Hotel Certification: HCO ANNUAL REPORTING HIGHLIGHTS 2014 – 2015 2015 – 2016 Total Number of Residential Hotel Buildings 501 497 Total Number of Residential Hotel Buildings (Required to file an Annual Unit Usage Report) 412 408 Residential Hotels offering services: (Include Maid Service, Linen Service, Security Service, Intercom System, Meal Service, Utilities Paid and Other) 146 301 Total Number of Residential Guest Rooms: (Protected by the HCO to be conserved) 19,112 19,024 Total Number of Residential Guest Rooms: (Reported as occupied by the Annual Unit Usage Report) 7,999 10,158 Residential Guest Room (Overall) Average Rent: $825 $820 Complaints received: 16 18 Complaints abated: 0 0 HCO Violations (Includes cases initiated from the previous year) Residential Guest Rooms Converted: (Through the Permit to Convert Process) (Through the Building Permit Process only) 18 Department of Building Inspection, Fiscal Year 2015-2016 Annual Report 0 0 Beginning in 1981, the HCO required all hotel and apartment house owners and operators with guest rooms to report to the Bureau of Building Inspection (now the Department of Building Inspection) how the guest rooms were being used on September 23, 1979. If the guest room was actually occupied by a tenant for thirty-two consecutive days or longer, the room was designated as residential. If the guest room was occupied for less than thirty-two days the room was designated tourist. The property owner/operator had fifteen days to appeal the certification of these designations by the Bureau of Building Inspection. Residential Hotel Description: A hotel is considered residential if it has one or more residential guest rooms as certified by the HCO. Approximately five hundred and six (501) hotels are designated residential by Chapter 41 of the S.F. Administrative Code, which includes those hotels owned or operated by non profit organizations. The overall number of residential hotels can fluctuate because the Ordinance permits a hotel to change its residential designation upon approval of a Permit to Convert. Residential guest rooms can be legally converted to tourist uses with approval by the Director of Building Inspection. The Permit to Convert requires the hotel owner to replace the converted residential guest rooms with in lieu (replacement housing) fees, the construction of new units, or the creation of new residential guest rooms in an existing building. Residential hotel owners an BW&F'2W7B&VB&W6FVFwVW7B&26W'FfVB'FR4f"6WfVF2"vW"g&7BF&Vv6WFV&W"3F&W6FVFFVW&F"&VBGvVGffRW&6VBbFV"&W6FVFwVW7B&2vFǒ&62&fFVBFBFRwVW7B&Ц2VvFFVǒf6BBffW&VBf"&W6FVFW6Rf'7BFRW6r7V7F6W'f6W2Ff6F2fW2&W6FVFFV2v6&Rf&Rf"V&Ɩ2&WfWrFW6PfW26FF7VVFF&WV&VB'6FW"CbFP2bF֖7G&FfR6FR7V62FR6W'Ff6FRbW6RfV@VVBW6vR&W'G2B6BG&6rFF&Vv&FrVf&6VVB7FfFW2vFFR7BffRV'2vFW"&VF2fR&VVƖV@f"W'7VBF6V7F2C2BC2b6FW CbFR2bF֖7G&FfR6FRgVG2FW6FVBFFR6g&666&W6FVFFV&W6W'fFgVB66VB&RG&6֗GFVBFFR.( 0ff6RbW6rf"F6'W'6W'7VBF6V7FC0bFR6FW"CbFR2bF֖7G&FfR6FRGW&pF2f66V"RW&֗BF6fW'Bv2&fVBv6&WV&VB&W6VVBW6rfVW2F&RFW6FVBFP6g&666&W6FVFFV&W6W'fFgVB66VB7V'bVf&6VVBVff'G3FVƖVVBF6W2&R6VBF&W6FVFFVvW'2W&F'2vfRBfVBFV"VVBW6vR&W'@GVRfV&W"WfW'V""&R֗76rFW"7F&6f&FFW'FVBb'VFr7V7Ff66V"#R#bV&W'@