Department of Building Inspection Annual Report Fiscal Year 2015-2016 - Page 12

Strategic Plan Ensuring that Life and Property are Safeguarded, Through Fair and Transparent Processes. The Department of Building Inspection’s Strategic Five-Year Plan, “A Path to Building Safety Excellence” for Fiscal Years 2015–2020, is the result of six months of intense collaboration between management and staff from all divisions. The strategic planning process was a rigorous endeavor that included input from industry professionals and community stakeholders from across the City. The end result is a DBI blueprint that establishes five concrete goals and 19 objectives that will serve as a viable road map to the most efficient, effective DBI, providing the highest levels of customer service. Goal 1 Review Plans and Issue Permits Safeguarding Life and Property in Compliance with City and State Regulations. Goal 2 Perform Inspections to Enforce Codes and Standards to Protect Tenants’ Rights and Ensuring Safety and Quality of Life. This plan is to be updated, based upon lessons learned, as needed, annually at a minimum, to allow for adjustments in the dynamic, always changing, building safety environment. Goal 3 Deliver the Highest Level of Customer Service. Goal 4 Utilize Efficient and Effective Administrative Practices. Goal 5 Proactively Engage and Educate Customers, Contractors, Stakeholders on DBI’s Services, Functions and Programs. 12 Department of Building Inspection, Fiscal Year 2015-2016 Annual Report • Objective 1A: Review Plans using a Transparent Process and with Standards Applied Uniformly. • Objective 1B: Issue Permits. • Objective 1C: Update and Interpret Codes and Standards. • Objective 1D: Ensure Convenient, Efficient, and Timely Permit Processing Coordinated with other City agencies. • Objective 2A: Ensure Quality and Timely Inspections. • Objective 2B: Electrical Inspection Division Conducts Electrical Inspections to Ensure Code Compliance. • Objective 2C: Plumbing Inspection Division Conducts Plumbing Inspections to Ensure Code Compliance. • Objective 2D: Building Inspection Division Conducts Inspections of Buildings and Properties/Structures to Ensure Code Compliance. • Objective 2E: Inspect Housing to Enforce Codes and Standards to Protect Tenants’ Rights and Ensuring Quality of Life. • Objective 2F: Manage Notice of Violations and Complaints. • Objective 3A: Implement Technology Improvements. • Objective 3B: Maintain Adequate Staffing to Meet Customer Demands. • Objective 3C: Manage Department Facility. • Objective 4A: Ensure Timely Response to Records Requests. • Objective 4B: Manage Department Funds. • Objective 4C: Manage Department Fleet to Ensure Maximum Use of Vehicles. • Objective 4D: Review and Update Department’s Disaster Response Plan. • Objective 5A: Review and Update Legislative and Public Affairs Plan. • Objective 5B: Continuously Update and Implement a Multi-Prong Strategic Communications Plan. Department of Building Inspection, Fiscal Year 2015-2016 Annual Report 13