Denton County Living Well Magazine Spring 2015 - Page 8

SPRING 2015 SPOTLIGHT To an independent doctor, I’m not just a number, I’m ultimately a customer. Independent or Employed? How Asking One Simple Question Can Empower Your Health By Stacy Apple and Christina Crawford Photos by Stacy Apple Like many busy, working parents, Joe Duer knows he’s put his own healthcare second to his family and career. Joe is a professional actor, model, and dedicated baseball dad. His two boys play on select, city, and travel teams, which means he’s running from the moment he steps out of bed, but not without the help of a few ibuprofen with his morning coffee. Joe suffers from a degenerative knee condition which causes his joint to lock and cause severe& Sports little time and lofty Orthopedics pain. With Medicine 6 DENTON COUNTY Living Well Magazine | SPRING 2015 goals, Joe turns to an independent physician to help him reclaim his health. “The best piece of advice I can offer people is to ask one simple question before scheduling a doctor’s appointment,” says Joe. “Not many people even know they should ask this, but it’s important to know if your doctor is independent or employed.” Independent doctors own their own businesses, or are have