Denton County Living Well Magazine Spring 2015 - Page 36

It’s Up To You By Cindy Harrison-Staub, M.S. L ast November, at age 81, my dear mother fell and broke her right hip while getting out of the car. It was our family’s worst nightmare-cometrue. Two years ago, mom also broke her leg from a fall, so we all knew that if she eventually broke a hip it would negatively affect her life forever. Well, it happened, and it has put a lot of stress on the family. After nine weeks in a skilled rehabilitation/nursing facility, my mother returned home on January 26th. She is using a walker and will now have 35 hours per week of nursing aide care and continuing therapy. She will need assistance for the rest of her life and has lost most of her ambulatory and social independence. In light of this tragedy, what can one do throughout life to minimize the risk of falls and broken bones from them? As a personal trainer and nutritionist, it seems obvious to me that an investment in balance, bones and s