Denton County Living Well Magazine Spring 2015 - Page 34

How We’re Killing Ourselves by Not Making Small Adjustments to Improve Our Health By Dr. Tyler Cooper So the question is If simple changes can make dramatic differences in one’s health, why aren’t more people fit? Why are we seeing so much obesity and disease? T wo-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese and a shocking one-third of our children are. The sad fact: this leads directly to diseases like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and many kinds of cancer. The reason for this obesity epidemic is simple: Americans are eating more and more of the wrong kinds of foods and exercising less and less. As a result, we’re not just lessening the quantity of our years; we’re lessening the quality of our years; we’re winding up prematurely in wheelchairs or in nursing homes or just unable to participate fully in activities. Our culture encourages this. We drive more and walk less. Huge portion sizes have become the norm, and instead of taking responsibility for our health, we succumb to quickfix fast foods laden with fat, sugar and salt. In short, our sedentary lifestyles and deficient diets are slowly killing us. Now for the good news At Cooper Aerobics, our focus is prevention—and it has been f ܈H\