Denton County Living Well Magazine Spring 2015 - Page 28

Social Media is no Longer About Just Keeping up With Friends and Family: It’s About Your Job H ave you looked at your friends who are active social media users and thought that they are wasting their time on a silly, frivolous hobby? Perhaps they are wiser than you think. By participating in social media such as Facebook or Twitter, they are preparing themselves for the changing work world. Businesses are beginning to adopt the social networking model in the workplace to permit employees to collaborate in new and more efficient ways. What can you do to prepare for this rapidly changing workplace? For one, practice using social networks. If you lack the ability to use social networks to connect with others, share and obtain information, and communicate your intentions and ideas, you will be obsolete in the coming work world. Experts identifying future work skills recently concluded that: “Connective technologies [like social media] make it easier than ever to work, share ideas and be productive despite physical separation.” Since social networking will be the model for business networking, to be proficient, you should be an active participant and in this way you can train yourself. It is important to have good technological tools; that is, a fast and stable Internet connection and a mobile device (tablet or smartphone). By Richard Lieberman conveying. If you write a sentence that seems terse and severe, learn how to soften it. In social networking, people learn how to say more with less. In the business, you may have also noticed how some of your colleagues at work come across as dynamic in email communications, while others convey no sense of their personality. Practice fully expressing your personality as well as conveying clear information in the short social media formats. People now use numerous social media platforms to present ideas. For example, a person’s tweet about breakfast may contain a link to his YouTube video demonstrating how to cook the perfect omelet, as well as another link to her cooking blog containing his favorite recipes. This is a window into what will soon happen in the business world as employees use the most effective social media platform to express themselves. Y