Denton County Living Well Magazine Spring 2015 - Page 19

We live in a culture of fatherlessness. If the state of our nation concerns you, we’re going to have to address this head on. How do we do that? It begins one child at a time. A few years ago, I traveled with friends to an orphanage that we support in Vietnam. My friends had been drawn to a young girl who had been abandoned there by her mom. Before coming to the orphanOne night, I woke up age she was forced tickets and was led to the to sell lotteryto feed on the street passage of scripture her family. She was that says, God settles a sad, introverted, scared child. She the lonely in might have been eight or nine the FAMILIES first time Kevin saw her, but when he saw her, his father heart melted. God wrecked my friend through those orphans, especially one lonely little girl. On Sunday, we visited church with my nieces. Our church is large and has a security program where they take photos of each child. They enter the parents and children’s information together where they can be identified when parents pick their little ones up from Sunday school. Honestly, my older niece was adjusting but the baby never smiled. Her hair was very thin and coarse from lack of proper nutrition. My sister took her to the pediatrician who said it would just take some time. Every six months or so, they would travel to the orphanage and spend time with her. Soon, she would begin to see them as her family, even though they lived a world apart. Adoption was closed at the time that I visited with my friends. I saw their hearts break when we left the orphanage each day to go back to the hotel. One night, I woke up and was led to the passage of scripture that says, God settles the lonely in families. I knew it was a promise for them, and I shared it the next morning, but when we arrived that day, the head of the orphanage announced plans to put the little girl back on the street. They were devastated. She was getting older now. What if she was made to sell more than lottery tickets? What happened next still overwhelms me. While I was still reeling from the news, Kevin looked across the table and humbly said, “We know your love for these children, and we’re so thankful for