Denton County Living Well Magazine Spring 2015 - Page 18

Forever Family M    y sister wasn’t able to have children. But the dream of being a mommy led her and her husband to look into foster care. The program required couples to attend a series of classes. Parenting classes are good news for some of us who might not have had healthy parenting skills modeled to us growing up. Those of us who struggle with keeping a plant alive know the value of learning good parenting habits. All that to say, my sister, Jolie, and her husband enrolled. By Michelle Wallace 16 Not long after enrolling, Jolie ran into an acquaintance at church. She was familiar with this lady’s struggle concerning her brother and his wife’s addiction. Presently, he was in jail, and his wife had disappeared again, leaving the children alone. The baby girl was barely one and the older daughter was not quite five. Their aunt arrived to find them half naked, with the older daughter searching for food to feed the baby; however, with six small children of her own, she explained to Jolie that she wouldn’t be able to keep them. Somehow, they both knew that this meeting was divinely orchestrated by God. A week later, the girls came to live with my sister. DENTON COUNTY Living Well Magazine | SPRING 2015