Denton County Living Well Magazine March/April 2016 - Page 48

Bigorexia I The Adonis Syndrome n recent years there has been a greater focus on becoming healthier, looking good, and exercising. Most fitness centers have experienced an increase in memberships both for men and women. Busy people are taking the time to take care of themselves externally and internally, incorporating exercise as part of their everyday routine before or after work, and becoming more concerned about their nutrition. But what about when a person becomes obsessed with their own physical appearance? Specifically, those gym goers who are already big, powerful, ripped, lean, and with abs of steel and that most people could agree possess THE PERFECT BODY? Well, sometimes behind all that muscle mass lies something deeper. 46 By Julie Alvira, MD, MBA Exercise to stay fit and healthy Most of us practice regular exercise and physical activity not only to feel good because it increases the “happy hormones” or endorphins but also because of the endless benefits to our health. Mayo Clinic (2014) explains that exercise is good to control weight, help the body fight diseases, improves mood, boosts energy, promotes better sleep, helps with sexual drive and performance, and helps with stress and its effects. Krauss (2012) see exercise as a tool to lower the chance of developing dementia because of the constant blood circulation that helps preserve neurons. Exercise helps with the metabolism of glucose and fat, which helps slow or prevent acquiring Alzheimer’s disease. On another note, DENTON COUNTY Living Well Magazine | MARCH/APRIL 2016 strength and resistance training exercise helps with building muscle mass. The combination of cardio plus resistance offers better results––physically and emotionally. But what about when a person becomes fanatical about building muscle mass? When the concept of exercise to stay fit and healthy is not enough? Body dysmorphic disorder mental illness “Without obsession, life is nothing.” John Waters An obsession is good when it’s a healthy one but when it becomes unhealthy, it can impair our thoughts, effect our emotions, and our whole wellbeing. When a person develops