Denton County Living Well Magazine March/April 2016 - Page 37

created to provide elite orthopedic surgeons a platform to run their businesses better,” explains Heier. “Our goal is to foster the traditional relationship between patient and physician, therefore our focus is 100% patient service oriented. As our patient, we promise you’ll see your physician, on your time, in your facility.” The independent practice model affords patients a great deal of control over their own health care. Patients can discuss treatment options and outcomes, without their doctor being forced to push an agenda. Not having the burden of hospital constraints allows doctors access to a wider variety of treatment options for their patients, as well as the ability to provide consistency of care as their sole provider. OrthoTexas has taken the private practice model to the next level, by offering patients the all-inclusive facility feel of a hospital, without these constraints. The patient journey at one of their seven locations is a well thought out process from beginning to end, with patient service at the forefront of all aspects. Making an appointment with one of their 25 highly skilled orthopedic physicians and surgeons is fast and easy with their online and mobilized tools. “Our culture has taught us to go directly to the hospital for urgent, after hours needs,” says Heier, “our answer to that is our OrthoAM clinic in our Carrolton office. Patients with immediate needs can see a specialist before regular clinical hours, without an appointment.” Once a patient walks through the doors at OrthoTexas they have full access to onsite imaging and x-rays; affording the convenience of faster results and fewer appointments. Once a diagnosis is made, patients have the ability to extend their journey through their on-site, outpatient surgery centers and in-house rehabilitation clinics. “At OrthoTexas, the doctor-patient relationship doesn’t end when physical therapy begins,” explains Heier. “By housing our own rehabilitative therapy clinics, doctors and therapists are able to work hand-in-hand to give our patients a cohesive recovery plan.” In an environment of conglomerates and healthcare giants, this local, seven location practice is bucking the system and staying true to traditional, small business values. Convenience, expertise and quality service are consumer priorities across all industries. OrthoTexas is taking this business to the consumer model, applying it to healthcare, and thriving. “At the end of the day, independent practitioners work for their patients,” explains Heier. “From all of our practitioners at OrthoTexas, we sincerely appreciate the loyalty our patients have shown us throughout the years and we look forward to serving you for years to come.” - See Advertisement on page 33 - DENTON COUNTY Living Well Magazine | MARCH/APRIL 2016 35