Denton County Living Well Magazine March/April 2016 - Page 21

By Chantell Peterson I Ingrown Toenails Can Be Painful and Unsightly ‘m sure most of you have had a painful toenail at some point in your life. The feeling of a sharp, shooting pain penetrating in the corner of the toe is what we call an ingrown toenail. This is when the toenail, primarily occurring on the big or great toe, grows into the side of the toe. Not only can this be painful but very unsightly too. There are many causes of ingrown toenails. The most common cause is due to the way the toenails are trimmed. When the toenail is cut in the corners, this forces the toenail to grow in that fashion and into the skin. The proper method of trimming the toenails is straight across the nail. This should be done with a straight toenail trimmer. Another major cause of ingrown toenails that is seen on a regular basis is from a traumatized toenail from a nail salon. Many patients will come into our office complaining that their toenails have been painful after receiving their pedicure. This is typically caused from the pedicurist trimming their toenails in the corner. While this may give some relief at the time, it is best to have the ingrown toenail cut out by the experts who know how to properly remove them. Pedicures are a nice luxury for both men and women however, if you get them, ensure they are cutting your toenails straight across. Most patients seen in our office have already attempted to cut out their ingrown toenail. Unfortunately, most of the time, this cause