Denton County Living Well Magazine March/April 2016 - Page 11

est people by several polls and at one point was one of the fashion world’s highest paid stars. Today, in addition to her book, Crawford focuses on other important roles—mother (she has two teenage children with former model Rande Gerber) and entrepreneur. Currently, she is the co-creator and spokesperson for Meaningful Beauty, a line of beauty products, and she creates and promotes the Cindy Crawford Home Collection—a series of home goods and furniture. She’s also a spokesperson for a variety of brands and products. James Smith / Featureflash “The next chapter is the businesses I’m working on.... And I also like championing other people,” Crawford says to the Los Angeles Times. “The beginning of my career, it was like, you’re a model, they say ‘put this on’ and you do it. Then I got to develop my own businesses and projects, and now I like partnering with or being involved with projects that are less ego-centric but still interesting, or that I can add something to because you do learn a lot over the years. Also, my kids will be gone before I know it, so over the next five years I want to focus on helping them.” Crawford’s two kids (Presley Walker Gerber and Kaia Gerber) are both following in her fashionable footsteps as up and coming models. Through all of her career’s milestones, Crawford is adamant that modeling is just one part of who she is. “Like I say in my book, modeling’s what I do–it’s not who I am,” she told The Globe and Mail. “So my whole world and identity was not caught up in being seen at the right parties and wearing the right designers. I love fashion. And I made great friends and I traveled the world and I made money. I’ve had so many great experiences, but that’s just one aspect of my life.” ABOVE: Cindy Crawford at her book launch last October in London, UK. At left, her new book, Becoming. To keep up with Crawford’s latest adventures, follow her on [