Dental Sleep Medicine Insider November DSM Insider - Page 20

DreamSleep ® is on the move! Announcing the DreamSleep Transportation Initiative N3Sleep and DreamSleep are partnering with transportation heavyweights, including one of the largest transportation companies in the US, a premier logistics company and a national trucking association to provide a comprehensive solution for identifying and treating sleep disorders including Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). These contracts will allow the DreamSleep Certified Provider Network to service and treat over 1.5 million drivers, operators and safety-sensitive positions across the country. To meet this need we are actively recruiting and training dentists and physicians across the country into the DreamSleep Certified Provider Network. DreamSleep connects sleep dentists and physicians to treat sleep disorders and related medical conditions in performance-focused populations, including transportation, military, athletic and first responders. “By partnering with transportation organizations, DreamSleep is able to screen, test and treat a large population of individuals at risk for sleep-related breathing disorders; saving lives and helping to safeguard a vital part of our nation’s infrastructure” Brett Brocki, CEO of DreamSleep For more information, contact DreamSleep at 844.363.7533 Join us at the Dental Sleep Medicine Symposium in Clearwater FL on February 16-17, 2018. Visit for more information. 844.363.7533 | |