Dental Sleep Medicine Insider November DSM Insider - Page 12

LESIA CRAWFORD IMPROVE CASE ACCEPTANCE IN A WORLD OF $7,000 DEDUCTIBLES r. Stacey Layman and I D have been working togeth- er for over 13 years. First, I was her office manager, 8 years ago we started GoGo Billing, and just recently we have opened a dental sleep practice called Go To Sleep in Phoenix, AZ. Every day, I have the pleasure of coaching GoGo Billing of- fices regarding talk tracks regarding fees, insurance coverage, and case presen- tation, until recently, it had been a couple of years since I actually presented oral ap- pliance therapy to a real live patient. While Dr. Layman and I awaited our patient’s arriv- al, I did a quick Instant Eli- gibility Check with our DS3 software. The patient had a $7000 out-of-network de- ductible with ZERO, ZILCH, ZIP, NADA, NONE of it met and an in-network deductible of $2500 that HAD been met. I knew the plan would not al- low for in-network benefits so I was prepared to discuss finances and began prepar- ing the financial agreement. Dr. Layman heatedly in- quired, “Why is this patient even on my schedule? He will have to pay! He should just come in for a consult when I am not here.” This, my friends, is reason #247 why my doctor does not pick up the phone to make appointments and certain- ly should not be allowed to discuss fees. We can delve into the countless reasons I am not allowed to assist with impressions or work the blood pressure cuff, but I will save those stories for the campfire and sum it up with some simple advice: Do what you do best and focus on your strengths and core competencies. I digressed. Please forgive me. Reigning the article back in, let’s talk about 3 tips that can help you when present- ing treatment and financial arrangements to the patient I mentioned above: Tip #1 When the phone rings with a potential patient on the line, the goals are to gather the necessary information, engage the patient in the excitement of a solution for their problem, and sched- ule the appointment. Start setting the expectation that if they are lucky and a good candidate, they will get to have impressions that day. Tip #2 Find out the patient’s ba- sic benefit information, in and out-of-network de- ductibles and %’s of DME coverage. With DS3 use the Instant Eligibility Check feature, send it to your bill- ing company, or call the insurance company if you