Dental Sleep Medicine Insider November 2016 - Page 8

“Could my patient have OSA?” “Is my patient’s OAT treatment working?” With the Nonin Medical WristOx2 pulse oximeter, you’ll be the first to know. ® Nonin Medical’s WristOx2® pulse oximeter provides continuous and reliable oxygen saturation and pulse rate monitoring during overnight sleep studies to help dental sleep practitioners pre-screen for OSA and preconfirm the effectiveness of OAT during treatment for OSA. Nonin Medical: Accurate. Easy to Use. Cost Effective. The WristOx2® Model 3150 is an accurate, easy-to-use, cost-effective device designed for pediatric and adult patient c и95éY%M%=; )фЁͽ݅ɔɽ٥́)ɕЁɅѥɽͥͥ)ѥЁѽɅȁձ͔Ʌє)坕ͅɅѥ()Q95مх+$QѕIձ̃LAMՙɕ͔́9+$M=ɅѥLѥЁɽɅɕեɕ+$!IͽѥL͕ͅ+$5᥵մ ٕ ЃLݕ́)ɥ݅э+$5M٥ѡUM+$!Ё1ٕ=Ʌѥ䃊LѼ)ѥս͔́ݼѕɥ+$=᥵IѥLY%M%=; ɽ٥́ѱ)٥ݥɽͥͥ)1ɸ5ɔ)YͥЁѥȁȁ͔Ց̰M4ձ͔)᥵䁝ե̰ɽՍЁɵѥՍѥ٥)ɔ()ȁɍͥɵѥх((Ĵش)ѥ+ ؁95%4شĴ((0