Dental Sleep Medicine Insider January DSM Insider 2018 - Page 6

ERIN ELLIOTT, DDS CONNECT THE DOTS D ental Sleep Medicine (DSM) is hard….as hard as connecting the dots. Navigating the patient jour- ney through DSM is really just laying out the dots and then connecting them for patients. First, generate awareness among your patients by placing posters and bro- chures in your waiting room and operatories. It’s subliminal marketing. More importantly, customize your health history paperwork by Including questions about sleep health in your health history questionnaire. This creates awareness and generates questions. Your patient is interested. Now what? We inform our patients that dentists are in a per- fect position to identify & often times treat snoring and sleep apnea. I tell them that snoring can be a sign of something serious called sleep apnea which is when someone stops breathing and that it is related to a lot of negative health issues. Fortunately, we can get the patient tested at home, get an easy to wear dental de- vice if they qualify, get MED- ICAL not dental insurance to pay so they enjoy better health and quieter sleep. And a happy bed partner. Note that I haven’t inundat- ed them with a multitude of clinical jargon. We’ve com- municated on their level and removed two major hurdles that most patients INTERESTED? JOIN ME AT THE NADSM SYMPOSIUM. REGISTER NOW ERIN ELLIOTT, DDS Post Falls Family Dental Dr. Erin Elliott is a prac- ticing dentist in Post Falls, ID and is consid- ered a national expert in this growing field of dentistry. She has lec- tured extensively, ed- ucating dentists on the benefits of incorporat- ing dental sleep med- icine and short-term orthodontics into their practices.