Dental Sleep Medicine Insider January DSM Insider 2018 - Page 3

Jason Tierney Editor-in-chief IN BED WITH THE EDITOR Is the problem that you don’t have the patients? 1 in 5 people that you’ll do hygiene checks on today have sleep apnea. The Dental Sleep Medicine Insider 314-882-7746 Is the problem that physicians just slap a CPAP on everyone? There are diagnostic models that empower you to work with a segment of the medical community staunchly advocates the benefits of OAT when ap- propriate. Is the problem that teeth may move? WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? That 1 in 5 I mentioned prefers improved quality of life over anything else. Is the problem that OAT doesn’t “work?” There is a litany of peer-reviewed evidence to the contrary. Is the problem that medical insurance doesn’t adequately reimburse for treatment? There are many dentists that passionately refute this claim. There are compa- nies to successfully manage this process for you. SO, WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?