Dental Sleep Medicine Insider January DSM Insider 2018 - Page 21

RENT VS. OWN appy new year to all you H strange dentists out there who live outside the nor- mal curve. You are probably treating sleep apnea patients if you’re reading this, which makes you “different”. In a very positive way, of course! Remember, it wasn’t all that long ago that Dr. Ignaz Sem- melweis was shunned by his medical colleagues for his radical idea that hand- washing in between patients would save hundreds of lives! His peers were actually of- fended at the idea that they should wash their hands. I must admit that there have been times that physicians have looked at me as if I had come from a different planet. All of you out there are the reason that this is happening less, and the reason that col- lectively, and in conjunction with PAP, we are reducing the apnea load of the Universe! I hope that 2018 is your best year ever: personally, profes- sionally, and spiritually. What comes to mind when I ask rent Vs own? Real estate? Automobiles? Regardless, that got me to thinking about some of the issues that we seem to encounter on a near- ly daily basis in my practice. The problem du jour. The trouble, the complication, the scrape, the headache, the dispute, the issue. You pick the flavor of the day, but it’s a problem. A patient canceled by leaving a message on the machine, and the progress note says “Pt will call back to R/S” I don’t know about you, but patients don’t ever seem to call me back. With no task, I fear that Patient X has just slipped through the crack. Instead of visions of sugar- plums in my sleep, I see a patient a few years late r who has a 6 mm posterior open bite! Yikes! Who is to blame? Who takes responsibility? If everybody owns it, then nobody owns it. Responsibility. Do you have multiple staff members who will own a problem, or do they just rent it? Perhaps you have RICHARD DRAKE, DDS an employee who prefers a two hour lease option? This is what I want to hear: “I’ll make sure that Patient X re- schedules. I will task myself to reschedule him, and if I can’t get through to him after 3 tries (call, text, email), then I will send him a letter and mark him non compliant in DS3.” Wow! Excellent. Lead by example. Tomorrow, get out of BED with an O.A.R. in your hands. Blame, Excus- es, Denial; replace them with Ownership, Accountability, and Responsibility (O.A.R.) No more For Rent or For Lease signs in your office. Make sure someone owns it! INTERESTED? JOIN ME AT THE NADSM SYMPOSIUM. REGISTER NOW RICHARD DRAKE, DDS Dr. Richard Drake has been exclusively treating snoring and apnea for 15 years. He Co-Founded Dental Sleep Solutions and DS3 and has a state of the art sleep practice in San Antonio, TX.