Dental Sleep Medicine Insider January DSM Insider 2018 - Page 12

the average cost per click is significantly less for apnea than implants. If you are a dentist in Bos- ton who is advertising on Google’s search network for dental implants, you can expect to pay approximately $15.37 each time someone clicks on your implants ad. Conversely, the same den- tist advertising for apnea will only pay roughly $1.27 per click. The data was similar in every market we analyzed. You will also notice the competition level for sleep apnea is low while implants is high. Pricing on Google’s search network is based on an auction style system, therefore, the more busi- nesses bidding on a key- word term, the higher the price per click. There’s a popular business book called Blue Ocean to book a complimentary Strategy. The premise is that strategy call with me. businesses can succeed by pursuing “blue oceans” of INTERESTED? uncontested market space, JOIN ME AT THE as opposed to “red oceans” NADSM SYMPOSIUM. where competitors fight for dominance. The analogy REGISTER NOW is an ocean full of vicious competition turns red with blood. Dental sleep medicine is the blue ocean - at least for now. Eventually, it will be- come fiercely competitive like most other high-profit dental services. Now is the time to position yourself as the go-to expert in your market and grab market share before the sharks start circling. If you’d like to discuss your market and brainstorm ideas to capture more den- tal sleep market share, visit MARC FOWLER Founder, Bullseye Media Marc Fowler is the president of Bullseye Media. His firm has de- veloped a comprehensive di- rect-to-consumer dental sleep marketing program. Learn more at: http://DentalSleepMarketing. com