Dental MSDS 33-4575_4576 - Slurp n Fresh

MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Flammability SECTION 1 - MATERIAL IDENTIFICATION AND USE Material Name / Identifier 0 Reactivity 0 SLURP'N FRESH BREATH FRESHENER Manufacturers Name Health 0 MILLERS FORGE, INC. Street Address Personal Protection 0 1411 Capital Ave City State Plano Texas Postal Code 75074 Chemical Name Emergency Telephone No. Fax 972-422-2145 972-881-0639 Chemical Family Chemical Formula Pruified Water Oxy Chlorine Compound less than 6 PPM Molecular Weight Natural Plant Extracts Trade Names & Synonyms Material Use D.N.A. SECTION 2 - HAZARDOUS INGREDIENTS OF MATERIAL Hazardous Ingredients Approximate Concentration C.A.S. N.A. or U.N. Numbers " Exposure Limits " LD50 / LC50 Specify Species & Route DOES NOT CONTAIN D.N.A. D.N.A. D.N.A. D.N.A. HAZARDOUS INGREDIENTS AS PER W.H.M.I.S. ACT SECTION 3 - PHYSICAL DATA FOR MATERIAL Physical State Odor and Appearance LIQUID Vapor Pressure Odor Threshold ( p.p.m. ) PURE MINT FRAGRANCED Vapor Density ( Air = 1 ) D.N.A. Evaporation Rate 1 Solubility in Water 20C Boiling Point D.N.A. % Volatile ( by volume ) 1.02 Freezing Point 212F 100C pH Density ( g/ml ) NON VOLATILE Specific Gravity D.N.A. 8.5 31F 0C Coefficient of Water / Oil Distribution D.N.A. D.N.A. SECTION 4 - FIRE AND EXPLOSION HAZARD OF MATERIAL Flammability If yes, under what conditions NO Means of Extinction PRODUCT IS NON FLAMMABLE Special Procedures NONE REQUIRED Flashpoint and Method Upper Explosion Limit ( % by volume ) D.N.A. Auto Ignition Temperature D.N.A. D.N.A. TDG Flammability Classification D.N.A. Sensitivity to Chemical Impact Lower Explosion Limit ( 5 by volume ) Hazardous Combustion Products D.N.A. Rate of Burning D.N.A. NONE Explosive Power DOES NOT BURN DOES NOT EXPLODE Sensitivity to Static discharge NONE SECTION 5 - REACTIVITY DATA Chemical stability If no under which conditions ? DNA Incompatibility to other substances YES If so which ones ? CONTACT WITH STRONG ACIDS OR OXIDISABLE MATERIALS Reactivity and under what conditions NON REACTIVE UNDER DIRECTED CONDITIONS Hazardous Decomposition Products NONE