DEM 2016 Annual Report - Page 40

FEMA National Advisory Council The Federal Emergency Management Agency ( FEMA ) National Advisory Council ( NAC ) is an advisory committee established by federal law to ensure effective and ongoing coordination of federal emergency management activities . Members include representatives from a wide array of backgrounds and communities involved in or affected by the emergency management profession , including DEM Executive Director , Anne Kronenberg . The NAC provides recommendations to the FEMA Administrator on a variety of issues within emergency management and plays a pivotal role to ensure effective and ongoing coordination of federal preparedness , protection , response , recovery , and mitigation for natural disasters and man-made disasters .
Big Cities Emergency Managers The Big City Emergency Managers , Inc . ( BCEM ) is an independent , non-profit organization dedicated to fostering development and growth of robust and nimble emergency management operations in the nation ’ s largest , most at-risk metropolitan jurisdictions . Represented by DEM Executive Director Anne Kronenberg , San Francisco is an active member of BCEM and regularly leverages the BCEM network to access best practices related to the prevention , protection , preparedness , response , recovery , and mitigation in the areas of homeland security and emergency management .