DEM 2016 Annual Report - Page 39

Advisory Groups and Strategic Partnerships DEM regularly assembles a variety of advisory groups and strategic partnerships , each with a particular role in San Francisco ’ s preparedness . The organizations with which we most frequently engage are as follows .

Disaster Preparedness Coordinators Disaster Preparedness Coordinators coordinate Citywide emergency planning across multiple agencies . DEM convenes more than a dozen public safety departments every other month to share information on major events , and training opportunities . Each of the following City departments have a Disaster Preparedness Coordinator :
• Arts Commission
• Asian Art Museum
• Building Inspection
• Children , Youth , and Families
• City Administrator
• City Planning
• Controller
• Environment
• Fine Arts Museum
• Fire
• Human Resources
• Human Services
• Library
• Office of the Mayor
• Mayor ’ s Office on Disability
• Medical Examiner
• Municipal Transportation
• Police
• Port
• Probation
• Public Health
• Public Utilities Commission
• Public Works
• Recreation and Park
• Risk Management
• Sheriff
• Technology
• Treasure Island
• Unified School District
Homeland Security Executive Committee The Homeland Security Executive Committee is chaired by DEM and includes department heads from City public safety agencies to provide executive-level support and input into the City ’ s homeland security and emergency management program .
Disaster Council The Disaster Council is chaired by the Mayor and is managed by DEM . The Council provides a public forum for City departments and stakeholders to review high-level information on the state of disaster planning in San Francisco .