DEM 2016 Annual Report - Page 26

DDivision of Emergency Services Emergency managers and planners help residents , businesses , nonprofits , visitors , and numerous City departments plan for , respond to , and recover from disasters . DEM believes that actual emergencies look more like people coming together than cities falling apart . This is why we work closely with various people and organizations to help San Francisco become a more resilient city . DEM ’ s Emergency Services Division includes the Emergency Medical Services Agency and the City ’ s Emergency Operations Center .

SF Unified School District Plan Review Workshop { January 14 , 2016 } brought together public and private

“ school and university personnel , and public safety agencies to discuss communication protocols and response coordination during an emergency .

San Francisco Community Point of Distribution ( C-POD ) Seminar & Workshop { April 19 , 2016 } focused on current planning and expected processes among local , regional , state , and federal entities during the activation of C-PODs following a catastrophe .
I ’ m an emergency operations coordinator for the Department of Emergency Management Division of Emergency Services and I make sure our emergency operations are poised and at the ready to respond to any emergency situation needing our support .
— Tom Chin