DEM 2016 Annual Report - Page 13

PPOST 51 and 52 Dispatch Academy Graduations DEM conducted two Police Officer Standards and Training ( POST ) Dispatcher Academies ( POST Academies 51 and 52 ) producing 23 newly trained dispatchers . DEM is committed to hiring and retaining outstanding public safety dispatchers ; however , the process is rigorous to ensure our City ’ s dispatchers are the best in the field . This includes extensive training beginning with eight weeks of POST classroom time where students learn San Francisco Police Department radio codes , review phonetics , learn how to navigate through the Computer Aided Dispatch system , and complete the Public Safety Dispatchers ’ Basic Course Curriculum . They also must achieve mastery of the City ’ s geography , radio dispatching , and the Medical and Fire Standards of the International Academy of Emergency Dispatch . Following the classroom setting , dispatcher trainees engage in scenario-based training and observe onduty DEM dispatchers . The final stage includes three months of monitored call processing , after which the dispatcher is ready to be a DEM public safety dispatcher . In its entirety , the process takes up to nine months .