DEM 2016 Annual Report - Page 11

Yellow Command Regional Emergency Management Functional Exercise Yellow Command is an annual exercise designed to assess the Bay Area emergency management community ’ s ability to coordinate response activities locally while working together as a region . The 2016 Yellow Command exercise focused on staging Community Points of Distribution ( CPOD ) sites and how to best disburse emergency supplies throughout the Bay Area . The scenario also added the challenge of a cyberattack resulting in the loss of technological communication to stress the system and test regional emergency operations centers .

Emergency Management Mutual Aide Deployments The 2016 California Wildfire season included more than 6,700 fires that burned 560,000 acres in Monterey and Lake Counties and pushed local emergency managers to their limits . When a city or county has exhausted all of their resources ( staff and assets ) to respond to an emergency , they turn to the State with an Emergency Management Mutual Aide ( EMMA ) request , which formally enlists the aide of the closest neighboring cities and counties . These fires generated an EMMA request that DEM responded to with staff deployments . The DEM staff deployed were : Lisa Starliper , Emergency Planning Manager and Tom Chin , Response Coordinator who supported Monterey County ; and Daniella Cohen , External Affairs Associate who assisted in Lake County .