Delta Tri-Angle 2016 Issue 2 - Page 7

2016 SIU SENIOR DESIGN PROJECT Southern Illinois Stone (SIS) recently provided data and site access to a group of SIU seniors for completion of their Capstone Senior Design Project. Capstone is a senior level designed course, which allows students to integrate their engineering knowledge to prepare for entry into the mining industry. SIU offers a degree in mining engineering. The curriculum includes a Senior Design class that focuses on the design and planning of an operating mine. The SIU senior class was broken up into teams. Each team was assigned a specific mining operation to study. The SIU team of Sawyer Schrader, Kendall Crayton, Stewart Sabatino, and Austin Diericx were assigned to the Delta quarry for their class project. Delta Companies provided the senior students with real world quarry data (adjusted to protect proprietary data) that included information on the SIS’s geology, production rates, available mining equipment, and theoretical market forecast. The seniors were challenged to plan and budget five years of mine operations, while paying special attention to the market demands provided in the project scope. They were required to think through “real world” criteria that effects the bottom line of the operation, such as the design of the mine, expense and timing of overburden removal to exposed rock, and productivity of manpower and equipment. On multiple occasions, the SIU seniors visited the SIS quarry to gather important data for their project. Before submitting their project for grade, the SIU seniors presented their 5 year budget and mine design to Delta Companies executives for review. Dan Grier, Regional Manager, Mike Martin, Area Manager and Greg Edwards, Quarry Manager, provided evaluations and feedback to the group. At the conclusion of the Senior Design presentation, the students shared their plans for the future and thanked Delta Companies for providing a real world experience. SIU seniors collecting pit operations cycle times. SIU seniors: Stewart Sabatino, Austin Diericx, Kendall Crayton, and Sawyer Schrader.  Picture from presentation showing ACAD 3D rendering of mine plan at year four. | 7