Delta Tri-Angle 2016 Issue 2 - Page 4

SEMO STONE In 2015, SEMO Stone started the process of major plant improvements to increase productivity and decrease operating costs. The 2015 major improvements included a new primary crusher plant, phase I of secondary plant improvements, and the decommissioning of the “old” secondary plant. December 2015, Semo Stone hired Hayden Wrecking, a St Louis demolition company, to disassemble the old decommissioned secondary plant and old primary plant. Hayden Wrecking used an excavator with metal shears to cut apart the old structures, bins, and metal work. The demolished metal was sent to a metal recyclers in St Louis. Hayden Wrecking performs demolition of old secondary processing plant. New SEMO Stone processing plant triple chute was divided up into three teams. Each team was given projects to complete, with the daily guidance of Quarry Lead Man, Cory Trentham. Below is a partial list of the projects. Semo Stone installed a new ceramic lined head pulley on the large surge conveyor that can be seen from Interstate I-55. The ceramic pulley was installed to provide extra grip on the conveyor belting to eliminate belt slippage during rainy or wet conditions for dust control. Everly states “The new ceramic pulley is working great. SEMO has February 2016, the SEMO Stone crew started phase II of the secondary plant improvements. Terry Everly, SEMO Stone Quarry Manager, said “Planning was everything with so many projects going on at once, everything had to be planned out and worked within the planned time frame in order to be completed for the 2016 production start-up.” Going into the )ɽ̰ٕɱ䁭܁ѡЁձɕ䁽ѡ)M5