Delta Tri-Angle 2016 Issue 2 - Page 16

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO: ALLEN, WILLIAM D Dexter RM Plant ROBINSON, DEBRA C Corporate TOWNE, CHERYL L AR Construction HUCKSTEP, BRETT A Cape Girardeau RM Plant FORTNER, AARON M Missouri Lab 06/01 06/05 06/06 06/08 06/09 JANET, JORDAN M Missouri Regional - Admin 06/09 KING, CARLOS A Illinois Lab COOLEY, WILLIAM E Kennett RM Plant EDWARDS, GREGORY S SIS Quarry GLAUS, RICKEY J SEMO Quarry ADAMS, BRADLEY A Arkansas Construction SINN, SHANNON L Missouri Lab WALLS, EDWARD C Poplar Bluff RM Plant HILEMAN, TIMOTHY J Sikeston RM Plant MEANS, JEFFERY S Poplar Bluff BC Plant RICHARDSON, DEAN K Corporate IRWIN, ZACHARY P SIS Quarry TAYLOR, CHRISTOPHER SIS Quarry MAROTTI, BRADLEY J AR Construction BROWN, CHAD A Arkansas Lab WARREN, JIMMY D Sikeston RM Plant HEMMANN, HOWARD N MO Construction CLONINGER, CLARK MO Construction MOODY, MICHEAL S AR Construction PINGKIAN, MEGAN Liquid Region - Admin MCINTYRE, GARY L Missouri Constr Shop HOFFMAN, CINDY J Missouri Regional - Admin HENSLEY, TRAVIS KIRK Clinton Quarry SHOCKLEY, SHAWNA K Aggregate Region - Admin HARGRAVE, TROY L Cape Girardeau RM Plant MCPHAIL, JAMES M Illinois Construction RENNER, RACHAEL D Missouri Constr Shop ESSNER, CODY A Missouri Lab SCOTT, LAWRENCE M Poplar Bluff RM Plant GIBSON, KEVIN S SIS Quarry SANDERS, MATT R MO Construction HECHT, SUSAN K Cape Girardeau RM Plant BYFORD, ROGER L Missouri Constr Shop LOOMES, VAN C Sikeston RM Plant 16 | 06/10 06/10 06/12 06/15 06/17 06/18 06/21 06/21 06/23 06/24 06/25 06/28 06/30 06/30 06/30 07/07 07/08 07/08 07/08 07/09 07/09 07/10 07/13 07/13 07/13 07/14 07/14 07/14 07/14 07/16 07/16 07/17 COUSINS, CARL A Arkansas Region PEARSON, OLIVER H Sikeston RM Plant BIGHAM, JAMES S Clinton Quarry Send your best news to Lance Pry • 573-334-5261. THANK YOU & ENJOY! 07/18 07/22 METCALF SR, CHRISTOPHER E 07/23 114 South Silver Springs Road Cape Girardeau, MO 63701 SIMPSON, STEVEN R 07/24 Return Service Requested AR Construction MO Construction ROBINSON, BRUCE D Luxora BC Plant KELLEY, MICHAEL S Arkansas Region - Admin CLARK, CLINTON P Clinton Port BC Plant WAGNER, KARI D Liquid Lab PRSRT STD US POSTAGE PAID Cape Girardeau, MO 63701 TPC 07/19 07/24 07/25 07/27 07/27 MONTGOMERY, ROBERT Liquid Region South-Admin 07/27 GOSS, JEFFREY D Arkansas Lab WALLACE, LEVI S Luxora BC Plant MORRIS, DEANNA D R SIS Quarry 07/28 07/29 07/30 ROSENBARGER, DONALD G Corporate DAVIS, TIMOTHY Dexter RM Plant HARRIS, LEVI W Missouri Constr Shop WALKER, CECILIA L MO Construction COLLINS, JUSTIN R SEMO Quarry EADS, MARTIN D Williamsville Quarry GARRETT, BRIAN E Dexter RM Plant TRENTHAM, CORY N SEMO Quarry SIPES, JAY M AR Construction FORD, BRYCE A SIS Quarry GRANDON, WILLIAM G AR Construction LARKOWSKI, BRET Missouri Regional - Admin HOBBS, RANDY L Ready-Mix Region WALLS SR, ROBERT L SEMO Quarry WARD, GINGER E Arkansas Region - Admin WEBB, EARL J Sikeston RM Plant PULLUM, MICHAEL L MO Construction DAVIS, KALEB A Sikeston RM Plant RICHMOND, JORDYN L Corporate - Safety 07/31 08/02 08/03 08/06 08/07 08/10 08/11 SAFETY WORD-FIND PUZZLE 08/11 08/12 These safety words may be found in this puzzle - vertically, horizontally, diagonally, and backwards. 08/13 act actively involved actively participating ask CITeam close call reporting coaching Colas Goal Zero Process confirmed continuous improvement culture DSST (Delta Safety Steering Team) flexible onboarding our journey performance-focused positive positively perceived relevant report out RIW (Rapid Improvement Workshop) safety meeting SCEW 08/15 08/16 08/16 08/16 08/17 08/18 08/21 08/21 08/28 POWELL, JONATHON M New Madrid Liquid Terminal 08/28 MATHENEY, SHAWN D AR Construction MCCLELLAN, CRAIG S Corporate - IT WEBB, DANIEL L SIS Quarry DUCKWORTH, JASON R MO Construction HULL, JAMES B Liquid Region South-Admin 08/29 08/29 08/30 (Safety Culture Excellence Workshop) 08/31 six criteria SPS 08/31 B Y R E P O R T O U T Z X C V I B C N M L B C O P O L S I X C R I T E R I A K L Z K L L P A S T O P Q W E R H T Y S U J M E M P O O S I R R T S R T Y I U K I C H A R N Y S S D T R U S T Q P R N Y U I O G E O C H E I F I A A U Z A E E K T R O L F T I V A C T I V E L Y P A R T I C I P A T I N G C A I G E B B Z Z D F T Q W E P S J C C N T L V H L C O U R J O U R N E Y G T Y I I I L E J Y D D Z Z C R Y M N B L O J C D D V R L K P E E X Z V M U X C V K A U O E R E E F L E X I B L E A I Z A S J L K A N A L P P S R F F C Q B N O G F D T Z M C T O Y O O Q C G G V W N C P H J U H E N H S B I R I P E E H B E M E L K R L G R B I U N N T U O I I W N R L F K E P T F O V N Y O V I Y N V J J M T K O J O R I D P C G T O O N T M E K K L H J C H A Y U S R X L L K L G R L D S S T G I U T T R E A O Z M O Y V T E F G H J K Y U S G F D S A C A I O L E E W D U S A R E L E V A N T Q E A K L E D D C O N F I R M E D Q W E R T S Y U I M A S Y S G N I T E E M Y T E F A S D D W I C O N T I N U O U S I M P R O V E M E N