Delta Tri-Angle 2016 Issue 2 - Page 14

DELTA ASPHALT is in one location - making our job easier, safer and more efficient. The plant is being controlled by an ACCU-TRACK system. The system provides no-flow switches on each material feeder and zero-speed sensors on our baghouse augers. We also have zero-speed sensors on the Slat Conveyor and Crossover Conveyor. These sensors will shut the plant down if one of them were to stop running. A new belt scale was installed to help with accuracy in our plants production. We are able to see what the plant is doing from the control room without actually looking at the plant in most cases. The overhead power lines have been an ongoing safety concern. The lines were within reach of a truck with a raised bed or an excavator. The transformer was directly above the old control house and next to the Slat Conveyor, which prevented us from safely working on certain parts of the plant. The transformer is now located on the ground, with all of our power coming safely from underground. The improvements made will provide us with a safer, more efficient place to work. We plan to produce a little more than 100,000 tons this year and we are confident that we will be able to so with the upgrades that we received this winter. Gary Reed (Yardman/ In mid-January, we began a project to dramatically upgrade the Poplar Bluff Hot Mix Asphalt Plant. The project was to include a new building, new plant controls, and all power lines being moved underground. With the help of Ozark Border Electric Cooperative, Summit Contracting, Jim Clubb (MO Construction), Amos Taylor (Delta Asphalt Cape), Joe Vernon (Delta Asphalt), and the Poplar Bluff Plant Crew, we have made a lot of progress in just a few short months. The new two-story building features a control room, office, break room, lab, tool room, parts room, and bathroom facilities on both levels. The former plant was a small, 1971 model trailer that sat at ground level and provided poor visibility to many parts of the plant. The new elevated control room, provides increased plant visibility. The new parts and tool rooms will allow better organization and let us keep track of our inventory, reducing downtime. Including the lab as a part of our new building will facilities faster testing results. The new plant is laid out in such a way that everything we need BENEFITS: 401K RETIREMENT REFRESHER today for your future. • Automatic payroll deductions make saving effortless. • Wide array of investment options enables you to develop a strategy that best suits your needs. Prudential’s retirement website explains all the benefits of our retirement plan and shows you how easy it is to prepare for retirement. Get started today at www. or call 1-877-778-2100. The planning you do today may help you have the kind of retirement you want tomorrow. Delta Companies hosted a 401k Retirement Savings Refresher. Prudential Retirement representatives provided detailed information and benefits of our 401(k) plan. Many thanks to Del Elfrink, Preputial CEO Extraordinair