Delta Tri-Angle 2016 Issue 2 - Page 12

REDUCE YOUR ENERGY CONSUMPTION Cleanergie is an initiative Mr. Herve LeBouc, Chairman, CEO of the Colas Group, has been leading for the past 3 years. His goal is to focus on 4 areas to reduce our energy consumption which will increase our bottom line but also reduce the environmental impact that we as a group produce. Reducing energy consumption means reducing the amount of energy used at home and work – from our offices and production plants to our cars and heavy equipment. Finding more efficient means of energy use and eliminating wasted energy will help both personal finances and the environment. A series of suggestions on ways to reduce consumption will be provided in the next editions of DELTA TRIANGLE. 1) Stock Pile Moisture Management – focus on better storage areas at our asphalt plants for our aggregate to allow better drainage as well as loader training to insure we are not drying wet stone when possible. 2) Mix Temperature – reduce the temperature of hot mix to a warmer temperature thus reducing fuel and emissions. 3) Coordination – reduce the amount of waiting time on job sites and plant sites to allow better utilization of assets and employees. 4) Reduce the Fuel Consumption – reduce the amount of idle time or none productive time during the duration of the day. Delta Companies is a leader in this initiative by monitoring and reducing our energy consumption in many ways. “Just like every Continuous Improvement Process, we must always revisit what we are doing so we can get better at what we do.” states Jerry Farnham, Plants and Equipment Manager. Farnham emphasizes that now is that time to review every task and take that next step to Energy Excellence by reducing our consumption. METHOD 1: REDUCE YOUR ENERGY CONSUMPTION AT HOME OR WORK PRIORITIES 12 | Delta Companies Inc. 2016 Newsletter TURN OFF COMPUTERS WHEN THEY ARE NOT IN USE. Many office workers and home users leave computers on at all times, even when not in use. If your computer must remain on, turn the monitor off when it is not in use. This will not affect the performance of the computer. UNPLUG ALL UNUSED ITEMS. Many electronics and appliances consume electricity when they are not in use. Unplug all un