Delta Tri-Angle 2016 Issue 2 - Page 10

DEXTER HEALTH CAMPUS NEARING COMPLETION Brown Construction Co., Inc. of Dexter, MO, is near the completion of the new Saint Francis Dexter Health Campus, expected to open in July 2016. The Health Campus is located just off One Mile Road on Saint Francis Drive. The new facility will provide services including cancer and heart specialists, imaging capabilities, lab services, primary and urgent care services, outpatient rehabilitation, and a full service fitness facility - Fitness Plus. “Delta Companies Inc. is pleased to have been a part of this project and to have supplied ready mix concrete and aggregate throughout construction of the new Health Campus.” stated Dan Grier, Regional Manager. ARKANSAS CONSTRUCTION As spring quickly turns to summer, the Delta Arkansas Construction crews are seeing paving work pick up. In earlier spring, Arkansas Construction started out with a couple of overlay projects and an $8 Million rehabilitation project in Bono, AR. However, with the monthly letting schedule, Delta has picked up another handful of jobs totaling 27,000 tons of mix and $2.7 million worth of revenue. Delta still has a $3.6 million subcontrac ]X[ܙH۝X[ۈH\\œڙX[X\KTH؈[܂ ۜو\[][HXY]ݙ\ 0HYX\ˈ[Y8'ܙۂHY]8'HHR\]HXZܚ]BوHݙ\^Hܘ[HYܘ\Y\܂HYX\Xܙ[[] \XBX[Y\8'H[Y]H\H\H[H\Bو\HڙXۈH][ܙX\܂H[XZ[\وHYX\'B\[HHZX[]][ۈوY^B H[ۛ\[[H\ܚ[YKHܙ]YH[H[]Y\Z[\™[\[\HX\[[ܝX[YKXۜ\و Y] H[\[\H؈YܙHH[وHYX\H؈ۜ\و ML XXX\ق[\YYY^]][ۋL XXX\›و\XY[X[Y[  ۜق\  K ۜو\[[]\B\]Y][ N Hܚ[^\ˈX]MZ[\X\وۛ[H][ܙ]L[H\[Y\[ˈ M]]\YH[H[H[YH]\^K\Bܚ[ۈH ۈݙ\^HۈY^BL[Yݚ[KT M^\[[\\H]]KB[ۈ]X\H\[HݚY[Hۛš؈] L ۜوX]\X[ [H[\YY\۝[YHX][B\X\]H[H\[\\˂HY]H[\HX\\H\YH\[˜[H\[\H[ˈ[]]Y 'H[ZH[]\[ۙH܈Z\ۙ\[Z]Y[Z[[HYBܚ[[\ۛY[[۝[Z[B\HHܛ[\ \\H]‘[K'BTQH ‚X\[[ܝX[Y\ۈK HۂHۛڙX ][]H[ۈ[